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NeeK's Temps and Chains

Full Youtube video showing plugins needed and the mixing behind the song "Fidget" by Skies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIz-ist-igk&feature=youtu.be

This Pro Tools template is designed as a tracking template with most plugins bypassed and set to their default mode.  Audio-track is loaded with the "classic compression" preset which is my favorite.  There are blank vocal tracks to drag your takes to and a "MVP" track to comp your takes (if you you choose to do so).  Audio tracks pre-routed to buses saving you time when creating.  The template includes parallel compression, a mix bus, vocal buses and more all set up and ready to go.  

Plugins include: Audiotrack, SSLchannel, Puigtec eq, Rverb, Manny Delay, L2, Q8, Deesser, Aphex Exciter, Rvox

I would recommend having audio hit the first compressor at -5-7db on the meter. The multipressor is controlling dynamics, and can really affect the sound.  Try turning it off and on to see what you like.  Play with the threshold for the two meters (Low and highs).  The chain has four buses:

Parallel compression (keep the green send meter at 0, adjust the level of fader on the bus track for more or less pcomp)
Spreader (widens the vocal) , Reverb, Delay

When you open the project, go to file, save as template.  Open new from template when making a new song. 

A recording template for Logic and Pro Tools.  Vocal chain included within the template.  I recommend having your audio hit around -6 decibals.  You can check with the first plugin "audiotrack."  If audio doesnt feel loud/full, try bringing threshold down on the audiotrack plugin.  

*There are no refunds on software.  If you dont at least have the waves platinum bundle, you will be missing many of the plugins in template.*